1. Keeper

From the recording Hangin' On

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Written by Jillian J.P. Matundan © 2019

Chris Appel, Bass
Marco Delmar, Lead Guitar
Jason Dickey, Fiddle
James Ketterer, Drums & Percussion
Jillian Matundan, Lead Vocals & Guitar


I was ready to walk away
Had no reason, no need to stay
You snuck through
There’s something about you

Steady as a rock, you took my hand
Smoothed my wrinkles without demands
Now I see
You’re all I ever need

I was broken when you came my way
I was going through motions from day to day
I didn’t think that I could find
The one who would ease my mind but you stayed
And kept me anyway

You endure all that I am
I know I make too many plans
Yes it’s true
So much I want to do

We both give and make some space
We know we’re in the same place
We’ve come far
‘Cause home is where you are

And when I get in my own way
You always know the right thing to say
I think that we both know that we found
The one we want to stick around and hey,
I’ll keep you, anyway

I know you hate when I say it
I know you don’t like favorites
It’s fine
‘Cause baby – you’re mine

And I’m fine - ‘cause baby – you’re mine