"Jillian Matundan Music has a husky voice that can be intimate, sensual or strong – with a percussive guitar sensibility that endangers folk audiences with imminent boogie."

— rob Hinkal, ilyAIMY

“Jillian Matundan, [is] a multi-instrumentalist with a talent and intuitive grasp of songwriting, with catchy riffs, cool poignant melodies and a presence that’s at once genuine, earnest and charming. Her songs are personal, yet universal, clever yet sometimes disarming.”

- Rick Landers, Guitar International Magazine 


Jillian Matundan is an award-winning, multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter living in Northern Virginia. Her music and style are a blend of her favorite acoustic, rock, indie, and folk influences and inspirations.

Born and raised in New York State, she fell in love with  classical music when she began taking violin lessons at the age of three. Jillian trained on piano, flute, and even sitar-but is self-taught on all the other instruments she plays (guitar, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, string bass, and a host of other random instruments). She took a fifteen-year hiatus from writing and performing music to pursue her career in the labor movement when she re-discovered her musical muse in August of 2018.

Encouraged by friends and fellow songwriters, Jillian began playing solo at local open mics in January 2019, sharing songs she had only started writing a few months before and has been on a tear ever since, winning five Mid-Atlantic Songwriting Awards, Silver in the first-ever Songwriters of Washington COVIDeo contest, and becoming Vienna, VA Idol Runner-up in 2019. She released her debut EP, "Hangin' On" in June 2020 and has collaborated and worked with other  musicians as a session musician in recordings and live-shows.  In August of 2021, she successfully fundraised her first full-length studio album with Plaid Dog Studios in Boston and will begin recording this winter.


Jillian is an award-winning, multi-instrumentalist living in Northern Virginia. She took a 15 year hiatus from writing and performing her own music before being encouraged by other songwriters to share her music widely. She began hitting the local open mics in 2019 and has been on a tear ever since, winning awards, collaborating with other local musicians, working as a session musician on recordings, and releasing her debut EP, "Hangin' On", in June of 2020. She successfully fundraised her first full-length studio album in August 2021 and will be recording with Plaid Dog Studios in Boston, MA this winter.


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"Jillian can really get a song across to an audience. She is comfortable and self-depreciating on stage, and an expressive singer and a really solid guitarist. I've discovered that she's also an award-winning songwriter with humor and heart. " 

-Ben Hamblin, President Reston-Herndon Folk Club

"Is there an instrument Jilllian Matundan DOESN'T play...and play with great enthusiasm and skill? Probably, but I have yet to find it. Jillian is a bright young star from the North, and is gracing our music scene in vivid ways. Her musical spirit is expressive, energetic, melodic, and always a delight. Her writings evoke story lines and a depth that is hard to avoid, and always comes with a heaping spoonful of fun. One thing that helps in her many endeavors....she doesn't miss a single trick."

-Marco Delmar, Producer (Recording Arts) & Producer Emeritus (Wammie Awards)

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