I've been quiet as of late with all that is going on. As I adjust to the realities of telework, social distancing, and lots of hand-washing - it's been a lot to take in as I try to find a decent groove. On the bright side, my commute has improved significantly and my dogs are very excited that I'm home all the time.

As you know, this situation has been hitting hard for many musicians and venues and it's been a joy to watch so many of my favorite musicians live-streaming from the comfort of my home. Truly makes this time a bit easier.

Many of my upcoming shows are a bit in limbo right now. The shows I had this week are obviously scrapped or postponed. Updates will be coming soon on the website and Facebook page. At the moment, the double album release at Jammin' Java at the end of May in Vienna, VA is on the calendar, but let's hope we get a handle on this virus soon, regardless.

BUT there are some exciting updates to share with you. Instead of actual concerts, I will also be getting into the live-stream game. My show this weekend with my amazing friend and musician, Florencia Rusi├▒ol, is now going to be a virtual one. And we will be raising money for the venue that we would have been playing in, The Epicure Cafe. You can find out more information on the website and Facebook. We are still working out some of the logistics on that, but you can be we will get an update up there as soon as we can.

The EP is on track and will be released soon! More to come as we get closer to production, but I can assure you, it's definitely on it's way and I'm very excited to share this with you and the world. If you want to get some special perks, like early sneak peeks and a chance to pre-order (and get it before anyone else), join my mailing list on the website and you'll get more information!

For now, stay tuned, I'll be in touch soon. Stay safe and healthy. A hearty elbow bump to you all - be well!