Daily Antidote of Song with Jillian Matundan

Live Stream

It's another day of singing and enjoying each other's virtual company here in the Daily Antidote of Song, or as Arnae, our wonderful guest host puts it, "Let's say hello to the Zoomers in the room on a boomin' afternoon!" Today we're singing with a brand new DAS songleader, Jillian Matundan Music, who brought "More Than Love," an original song from their album "Hangin' On." Hosted by ArnaƩ Batson (The SSING Network (Sharing Songs Inspiring Neighborhood Gatherings) L.A., Sweet Honey in the Rock) Our growing community includes song leaders and participants from across the country and around the world. Join us daily, as we energize our day with the inspiration and connection of singing together! Sponsored by Carpe Diem Arts Sing with us every day (noon/12pm EST) here: Daily Antidote of Song Community - facebook.com/dailyantidote or visit the Carpe Diem Arts webpage: https://www.carpediemarts.org/daily-antidote-of-song and join our mailing list! And become a part of the Daily Antidote of Song Community!

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