Rob's Open Mics: A Broadcast from a Mysterious Location

Live Stream from a mysterious location...

Rob's Open Mics Broadcast from a Mysterious Location. rob & Rowan & Kristen of ilyAIMY, Jimmy Stewart, Jillian Matundan, John Peiffer, Gay Baseball, DeJohn, Kate Buckholdt, Dave Benham, Lacey Anthony, Christian Alfonso, Matt Holsen & Kosi.

This night’s pretty much invite-only – so if you’re interested please contact me at We’ll be webcasting the night on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch as a celebration of the local portion of the VOM community – as a bunch of us get to see one another for the first time since COVID first hit us in March of last year. We’re gonna check that we all still have legs and stuff, and really AREN’T some figment of the imagination generated on the fly by Zoom’s AI!

Jimmy’s built a stage, I’ll run sound and webcast, we all bring some food and something to drink, and we’ll have a good time.

Music starts at 7pm