Luna Music Fest 2021

Cedar Knoll - Fort Hunt, VA

Luna Music Fest 2021 May 2, 2021
Cedar Knoll Restaurant 9030 Lucia Ln, Fort Hunt, VA 22308 1pm to 7pm

Reservations are required. Please email: Please include your name, number of guests, and time you expect to arrive.

This is a free event and we encourage you to support Cedar Knoll and purchase food and beverages. No outside food and beverages are permitted. Bring a lawn chair or blanket.

1:00-1:30 Annette Wasilik 1:30-2:00 Rebecca Krafft 2:00-2:30 Lynn Hollyfield 2:30-3:00 Marcy Cochran 3:00-3:30 Nicole Belanus trio 3:30-3:40 Kealani Nickles (high school singer) 3:40-4:00 Matthew Cummings (high school cellist) 4:00-4:30 Michelle Swan 4:30-5:00 Mercedes Mill 5:00-5:30 Jillian Matundan 5:30-6:00 Kevin Dudley 6:00-7:00 Luna